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Pool Season is Here!

The pool is finally open. First, a big thanks to all our hard working volunteers and contractors for making this pool renovation amazing! And thanks to the community for the positive feedback! A little construction is still scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks and we'll make sure to post notice when it's going on, but please keep in mind some areas and restrooms may be inaccessible on certain days. With a new year comes new processes. We're working on getting a new electronic pool pass system up and running. Unfortunately, the contractor didn't deliver all the passes, so we're working on getting them printed and ready. We'll email residents once they are received and ready to be picked up at the pool. There have also been some rule changes, most noteably to the minimum age and swim attire. First, owing to an increasing amount of property damage and vandalism in the past few years, we've raised the minimum age to be at the pool to 16 without an adult present. Second, because of resident feedback we've instituted swim attire rules similar to other managed pools, like AV Symington, to provide for a family friendly environment. Thongs, g-strings, brazilian, and other revealing swimsuits are not permitted.

Lastly, we have switched pool management companies. We'd like to welcome Premier Aquatics to the Exeter family. Please remember to listen to and be friendly with the lifeguards at all times! They are enforcing the rules set forth by the Association and do the best they can! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Also, check out the new gallery of pool pictures in the Gallery!


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