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SWMP Settlement Update

The Storm Water Management Pond or as you probably know it, the Exeter Pond, has finally seen the end of a long and drawn-out lawsuit. Below you can find more information on what happened.

Exeter Pond

The Board of Directors recently settled a lawsuit with the Town of Leesburg and you can read all about it in the SWMP Settlement letter that was sent to all residents this week. The short version is that the Association was notified in late 2014 that the pond located within the bounds of Exeter would require modifications to meet new Commonwealth requirements for handling and impounding storm water runoff. The Association had documentation indicating the Town of Leesburg shared responsibility for the property and after a lengthy back and forth agreed to settle prior to the trial. Now we are tackling a 2-year engineering project to improve the pond's impoundment structure. You'll start to see tree removal and construction start in the next year. For now, we're in the planning stages and working with the Commonwealth, Town, and our engineer to get a game plan together for the next steps. The important thing to know is there is absolutely no danger from the pond, this is merely a rule change that requires us to change the area to meet new requirements. 

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