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Exeter Update: May 2020

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Board of Directors

May 28, 7 p.m.

Architectural Review Board

My 21, 7 p.m.

Pool Committee

May 9, 10 a.m.

Landscaping Committee

May 9, 9 a.m.

All meetings will be held virtually with links provided to access the meetings available via


Thank You To Our Residents

We know that this has been a difficult time for so many of our residents, from the tornado in February followed by school closures in March, and the stay-at-home orders in place for over a month now. It is challenging no matter your circumstances, whether you a parent that has to juggle work, life, or teaching children, someone dealing with the strain of limited work or even no work opportunities, those working valiantly in the face of so much danger in our hospitals, stores, restaurants, sanitation, emergency services, and so many more, or even just those at home who are now stuck with a major change to your normal way of life. No matter the situation, it is challenging for all of us. But Exeter is a strong and resilient community that has already shown it knows how to come together and lift up from the challenges we now face. From teddy bear hunts, to chalk art exhibitions, showing support to our front-line workers, donating meals, organizing safe community entertainment, caring for our disabled and elderly neighbors, and so many other incredible efforts to help neighbors and lift spirits in this time of need. We thank you for staying a strong community filled with love and hope. As always, we are looking forward to a time when we can come together as a community again and are working on plans for re-opening normal activities. Until then, the Board of Directors continues to work on the integral maintenance, repairs, and improvements to our community so that when the world is back to normal, Exeter remains at it's best. Stay safe and all our best.

-The Board of Directors

Annual Meeting Postponed

The Annual Meeting, typically held in May, will be postponed. It is the Board's hope to reschedule it for July, however, with the current state of affairs regarding COVID, the Board will wait to set a new date until new guidance is available on gatherings. The Board hopes to have a date set at the May meeting, otherwise it will continue to be postponed until proper guidance is in place. We thank you for understanding and our monthly meetings continue to be held online for the convenience of residents. Links to all meetings are available online at

Pool Pass Forms Due May 15

It is almost time to begin getting our beach bods ready for the pool season, but first we have to make sure everyone is ready by ensuring all residents have their pool passes up to date. If you already have passes, you will need to renew them. If you do not have passes or you had a temporary pass issued, you can order new ones. And guest passes can be completed on a separate form if you want more than the 10 free guest passes that are given to each residence. At this time, based on current COVID-19 guidance, we expect to open the pool in mid-June. More details will follow as decisions are made. Forms available at:

Grounds Update

Following the removal of so many trees over the last few years, the Landscaping Committee is preparing a 5-Year Tree Replanting Plan that will focus on select areas each year until the desired foliage has been achieved. The Committee is applying for a Town Grant to help expedite the process and bring available funds to bear to help speed up the initial plantings. Work continues on the assessment of the Storm Water Management Project, now in the permitting phase. With luck the construction phase can begin in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021, timelines permitting. The Board reaffirmed that the following facilities will remain closed until allowed to be open at the Board's discretion and in accordance with State and Local Government requirements: pool, pool house, clubhouse, playgrounds, and all recreational courts. All clubhouse rentals through May 28 have been canceled and owners will be notified and refunded.

Website Updates

The website has been updated to now include a library of meeting minutes to help keep resident knowledgeable about the activities in and around the Association. Once approved, final minutes will be posted to the website for all meetings. The Communications Committee is in the process of uploading the remaining meeting minutes for 2019 and 2020 that have been approved. The Committee is also exploring digitizing several forms over the next few months and improving functionality of website subsections. If you are experienced with web engineering, help is always appreciated. Contact us at for more info.

Bulk Pickup

As announced by the Town of Leesburg, all bulk-pickup services have been suspended until further notice. The Association does not conduct bulk pickup services, so anyone setting out bulk items should be advised not to unless they have arranged for private pickup. Further, the Board has reason to believe individuals may be coming into our community to dump bulk trash. If spotted, please contact the non-emergency Police line immediately. This is costing us money as homeowners to clean up other people's trash, keeping the Association from spending more on improvements and maintenance. To help alleviate this issue, the Board is planning to place cameras throughout certain areas to help identify such individuals to prevent further dumping.

Monthly Minutes

In accordance with emergency legislation allowing Homeowners Associations to suspend the need for in-person meetings during a state-of-emergency, and given the nature of the emergency that makes it impracticable and unsafe to assemble in a single location at this time, the March and April Board meetings were held electronically and notification was provided by email. As such, the records and minutes of those meetings are available here. Please note the April Board of Directors Meeting Minutes are a draft and are considered preliminary and for informational purposes only until approved by the Board of Directors at the next subsequent meeting. During these meetings, all residents are invited to attend virtually and the meetings are open with the opportunity to comment. Links to attend the meetings are provided virtually via email and social media. Please contact the Property Manager with any questions.

April 2020 BOD Meeting Minutes (Draft)

March 2020 BOD Meeting Minutes

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