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Changes to Pool Rules and Policies

Changes have come for our 2019 pool season. We appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to improve our processes and implement the best strategies possible to maximize everyone's enjoyment. The Board of Directors have reviewed these changes, at the recommendation of the Pool Committee and with input and recommendations from residents. These rules and reminders are for the safety and enjoyment of all residents, big and small. As part of the agreement each resident signed to access the pool, residents are responsible for sharing all the rules with their guests and children, and will be held responsible for actions by either. We are attempting to resolve some issues observed during the last few weeks. We thank you for your patience during this process.

I know it's long, but please read thoroughly to prevent any interruption to your visits!

Effectively immediately, June 29, the following changes to rules go into effect:


  • Effective immediately, the pool will be implementing a zero-tolerance policy for entry. This is to prevent unauthorized use of non-residents, to safeguard our community, and to maximize enjoyment of all residents. Through July 3rd, the Association will allow residents to enter the pool area using either 1) a valid state issued ID showing an Exeter address on it or 2) a valid state ID showing your name and either a lease, utility bill, or mortgage statement identifying you as the homeowner of an address in Exeter. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this. All adults are required to follow this policy. If someone does not have this available upon entry, they and anyone with them will be denied entry.

  • All residents are required to check in to the guard desk on each visit regardless of duration, familiarity, purpose, or intent. If a guard is not immediately available, please wait there until one is available to help you. No exceptions.

  • Effective July 4th, pool passes will be available at the guard shack for anyone who submitted passes prior to June 1. On that day, all residents will be required to have a pool pass to gain entry, with absolutely no exceptions (see Temp-Pass Policy below). The passes will have a barcode and your name only. Other information will be stored in the computer system available to the lifeguards only. Residents may not review their own or anyone else's information in the computer system. If you have a question or need to correct something, please email Please keep your cards!!

  • After this 2019 pool season, anyone who is not a either 1) new resident that moved in after the conclusion of the prior pool season or 2) a child turning 3 (the age at which they require a pool pass) will need to pay $5 per pass.

  • Guest passes are now issued as cards good for up to 10 visits. Each home receives one complimentary guest pass card. The guards will punch the card for each guests. Only 5 guests may be admitted per residence per visit, no exceptions. Once all guest visits are used, the resident will be required to turn over the used card to the lifeguards. To purchase more passes for $20 per card, please email us at

  • Applications filed between June 1 and July 1 will have passes available on July 11. After that, passes will be processed on a weekly basis and available the following Saturday after receipt (minimum 7 days). These residents will be issued temporary passes good for this season only. At the end of the season, permanent passes will be issued. During the waiting period for temporary passes, residents who have applied for passes but not received them yet may use the Temp-Pass Policy (see below) 3 days after applying.

  • TEMP-PASS POLICY: If a resident does not have a pool pass in their possession at the time of entry, they may be admitted entry once by displaying a valid state issued ID and must have a pool pass or application on file. This will only be accepted once and the resident will either need to apply for a replacement pass by sending an email to or obtain their initial passes using the form available at Names will be kept on file for record. For those applying for initial passes, only residents listed on the application will be permitted during the waiting period and guests are not allowed.


  • The minimum age for entry into the pool without an adult has been lowered to 12 years old.

  • As has always been the policy and in accordance with local and state laws and requirements, anyone under the age of 12 will require someone age 16 or over to be present with them at all times. Children under 12 may not be dropped off or left unsupervised. Children under 16 may not supervise children under 12.

  • Lifeguards are not responsible for children's actions in the bathhouses as their primary duty is to safeguard the pool and pool deck. Adults should discuss safety with their children as the pool house can become slippery and dangerous at times. While our lifeguards do their best to prevent this, it is inevitable that it will happen. We have also asked our lifeguards to help enforce safe practices with inappropriate behavior in bathhouses including but not limited to excessive lingering, playing, shoving, spraying water, multiple children in a shower or toilet stall together without a parent, and abusing the facilities.

  • As a reminder, children that have not passed a swimming proficiency test may not be in water above their shoulders without an adult physically in the pool with them or without a personal flotation device (i.e. a vest) secured to them. The devices must be fastened and intended for this specific purpose as a drowning-prevention-device. Floats, inter-tubes, and other similar devices are not permitted for this purpose.

  • As a reminder, parents must be on the pool deck at all times if children who have not passed a swim test are in the water. If a parent leaves, the children that have not taken a swim test must also leave the water until the adult returns.

  • Children may take a swim test by requesting one from the lifeguards. Swim tests will only be given during the break time. The swim test is given in accordance with the policy from the pool management company. If a child passes a swim test, their information will be kept on file for future referral.

  • As a reminder, lifeguards may request a swim test from anyone at any time who they feel are not capable of swimming without adult supervision.


  • The Association has officially implemented a 3-strike policy for rule violations. For any violation where a warning is issued to someone in the pool area, adult or child, the first warning shall be a verbal warning. The second violation will result in a 15-minute removal from the pool. The third violation will result in expulsion from the pool. Those expelled from the pool may not remain in the pool, on the pool deck, or in the bathhouse. It shall be the responsibility of any adult to make arrangement for the child if they have been expelled. Once expelled, that resident may not reenter the pool during the same day.

  • Violations do not have to be of the same type or category of infraction. Any rules infraction shall count as a violation.

  • Violations will be noted in our records.

  • If someone is expelled 3 times from the pool during one season, they will be barred from entering the pool for the remainder of the season.

  • If a resident wishes to object to being barred for the season, they must submit a request to the Board of Directors in writing. The Board shall make a final determination at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


  • In 2019, following massive renovations and replacement of damaged and vandalized furniture, the policy was implemented that residents may no longer move or relocate furniture or put umbrellas up or down. To have an umbrella raised or lowered, please ask a lifeguard. Do not move or re-locate chairs or tables, or re-position umbrellas or umbrella bases for any reason. This will be treated as a violation.

  • We have also stepped up enforcement of our lap lane areas. No one is permitted to hang, rest, or reside on a lap lane. Only those performing the specific laps (fast or slow) are permitted in those areas.

  • Floats are permitted on a subjective basis from the life guards. On busier days with more patrons in the pool, floats of a large or opaque nature may be barred from the pool. Life guards will make determinations based on size, opacity, the number of patrons in a pool, and other safety considerations.

  • Break times are being reviewed for safety and will likely change soon. If changed, the new break times will be displayed at the pool.

Thank you for your observance of these rules and we look forward to a continued safe and fun season!

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